Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Imaging - Application Form

To apply to the master programme, please fill out this form and attach required documents.
For information about current requirements for application and admission, please refer to the Erasmus Mundus joint Master in Imaging webpage.

All fields and required documents are obligatory. The application form must be complete in order to submit.

Select EMJM in Imaging Study Tracks & EMJM in Imaging Scholarship.

Please specify you country of residence in order to view appropriate track options:
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Please note: According to Erasmus mobility rules, applicants from Italy need to attend all three universities. The selection below will indicate the preference for the 3rd semester. That is, for applicants from Italy, the Visual AI track means following the POLIMI->MIUN->TAU path (taking 3rd-semester courses at MIUN and writing the thesis at TAU), and the Image modelling and data-intensive imaging track means following the POLIMI->TAU->MIUN path (taking 3rd-semester courses at TAU and writing the thesis at MIUN).

Preference of study track:

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Please note that you will be required to provide documentation proving your special need (e.g., medical note) if you are accepted into the program.

Please provide the required documentation for application below. Accepted file format are PDF and max size are 2MB.
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Please provide first university degree and others – do not include secondary school / high-school diplomas.

Please provide English translation of transcripts (marks/results obtained until now at BSc or equivalent, MSc if available).

Upload a document in English or an official English translation of the original document. This document should certify clearly your actual address. It can either be:
(1) a certificate of residence provided by your municipality, or
(2) a certificate confirming your place of employment or study/training, issued by your employer or your educational institution.

Please provide certificate of English language proficiency – as described in the Eligibility Requirements section of Application and Admission page.